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Announcing the Hellow World Cookbook

Geeks Can Cook!

Announcing the creation of the cookbook titled The Hello World Cookbook. This cookbook will feature food recipes by computer geeks from all over the world. ALL PROCEEDS from this book will be donated to the Voice of Slum NGO in Delhi, India. 

Even though some people think that computer geeks just live in a parent’s basement, hacking and eating Cheetos and drinking Diet Coke, some of us are also good cooks! I was a cook at an Italian restaurant when I was just 18 and was a manager at a restaurant when I was 19! I recently released a recipe on my blog inspired by my trips to India in the past three years to speak at a conference.

Time is running out to submit your recipe! Here is a Chicken Curry recipe that I’ve published on my personal blog which is already in the book:

Voice of Slum

While in India in 2019, I visited the Voice of Slum in Delhi. I was so moved by the experience and inspired by the two people who started the orphanage, both from the slums, that I had to do something to help when I got back to the United States. I’ve already started to support the Voice of Slum by donating all the proceeds from the paperback edition of my latest geek book.

Magnus Mårtensson, David McCarter and Mahesh Chad along with Voice of Slum founders Chandni Di and Dev Pratap Singh Chauhan

This Book Won’t Happen Without Your Support!

My goal is to gather recipes from other computer geeks (software engineers, DevOps engineers, IT support personal, computer designers, etc.) for this book. They can range from main dishes, appetizers, desserts, and drinks (both with and without alcohol). I’d also like them to include vegetarian, and vegan recipes along with recipes for people with allergies (since I am allergic to gluten/ wheat).

I’d like this book to appeal to everyone, geeks and non-geeks! So, I need you to submit your recipe using the form below. To make it more personal, I’d love to have a photo of the geek who created the recipe along with their food dish or drink.

Other Volunteers Needed

Along with your recipes, I have come up with some other help I will need.

  1. An editor to make the book sound good since most developers can’t spell and have dyslexia.
  2. An illustrator/ graphic artist for the book cover and other promotional needs.
  3. Taste testers to “unit test” the recipes.

As the author, I will donate my time to publish the book, maintain this website, promote it, and even sell it at the conferences I speak at. For the first edition of the book, my goal is to gather at least 50 – 75 recipes.

ALL PROFIT from this book will be donated monthly to the Voice of Slum and I will post the amounts here on this site.

Please Submit Your Recipe or Your Desire to Volunteer Using the Form Below

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